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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Silverstar Chauffeurs Limited (Company Number 6646500) whose registered office is R9 Rays House,North circular road, London,NW10 7XP.
1. Booking

Please allow enough time when booking your chauffeur to allow for the check-in times required by your airline and for any delays caused by traffic conditions. Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd accepts no responsibility for any delays caused by customer themselves.

Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd shall not be responsible for any delay caused by your failure to reach your destination or if the passengers are not ready at the booked time.

All hire charges are rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.

Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any luggage or property carried within or on our vehicles.

In regards to an excess of baggage, 'the Company' reserve the right to refuse any luggage or property in the car which might result in the vehicle being damaged or unsafe to drive on the road.

If you need to transport a wheelchair or babyseat, please specify this at the time of booking under messages box or you can call us.

Our hire charges start from and finish at Mayfair .

Quoted rates are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

2. Prices & Payment

Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd will email you a quotation based on the information supplied by you. Quoted rates are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.We may amend the quotation if there any amendment to the original itinerary, the number of passengers, or the type or size of vehicle required.

Airport booking quotation will include a 45 minute waiting period after the landing time and the cost of car parking. Waiting time charges will be incurred after the 45 minutes at the relevant hourly rate.

Incurred car parking fees will be charged at cost

While you make a booking from website, you will receive confirmation of your booking by email. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and inform Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd promptly of any errors.Failure to provide correct information,silver star will not be responsible.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card (both subject to a certain additional surcharge), cash or cheque with a valid guarantee card. Payment by cheque must be made at least 7 days before the date of travel. Payment made through the online Quote/World pay service incur the surcharge.

3. The Service

 If vehicle is being soiled by any passenger certain amount will be charged to cover cleaning costs. Passengers will be responsible themselves for any loss or damaged caused by them in the vehicle during the journey. 

Eating, drinking or smoking in the cars is prohibited.

All children travelling during the journey should be restrained in appropriate manner.

Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd will not carry more passengers than its insurance or licensing allows.

4. Cancellations and changes to bookings

To cancel your booking please contact us by email or telephone as soon as you have received the final booking confirmation.Your change or cancellation will be confirmed by an email from us to the address that you entered at the time the booking.

Cancellation fees:

In the event of cancellation of a booking the following charges apply:

  • Cancellation within 2 hours of the booked time: 50% of confirmed booking fee.
  • Cancellation between 2 and 5 hours of the booked time: 25% of the confirmed booking fee.
  • Cancellation over 5 hours' notice - £5.00 will be charged for a single journey and £10.00 for a return journey booking.

 Debit or credit card that is used to make the booking will be refunded.

Weddings: For the cancellation or rebooking of wedding cars Please allow two week notice .

Cancellations within two weeks will be charges at full cost.

Packaged or Discounted bookings: For the cancellation or alteration of any discount booking, previously applied discount will be terminated.

5. Drivers

User that registers as a taxi driver on the Website, must sign a paper agreement and that is accepted by Silverstar Chauffeurs Ltd in order to become a registered member.

This User must have:

all the licenses, permits and other necessary documentation for providing the taxi service in accordance with the law and regulations.

a valid policy of liability insurance (in industry-standard coverage amounts) for the operation of vehicle/passenger vehicle and/or business insurance to cover any anticipated losses related to the operation of a taxi/passenger delivery service.

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